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Monday, December 31, 2012

Sad Celebaration

By - Kashif Sarmad

 Its 2013, we (Pakistanis) started new year with the callous usage of firearm. In which, more then 18 people have been wounded and two killed so far and still counting. Among injured, there is 1 year and 3 year old kids. I am unable to describe this nuisance a celebration. 

One friend of mine invited me for the private party for New Year which had setting up of drinking and dancing to welcome new day of New Year. I apologized and informed him about my unavailability.

I was going all the way through the statistics of terrorism activities and counting the numbers of victims of violent act by TTP and other terrorist groups in Pakistan. I ferret out that more then two thousand two hundred people have been victim of terrorist activities in 2012 in Karachi only. I am extremely cautious regarding mentioning this numeral but I am convinced that more then three thousand people have been executed and thousands injured by the terrorist activities in Pakistan. It despondently portrays that, due to terrorism approximately eight people get killed each day. 

Pakistan is sixty five years old at the present but law enforcement agencies and political parties are still acting like infant. Law enforcement agencies have become politicized and politicians have become depoliticized and due to that not only TTP but other terrorist organizations took absolute advantage of that undeveloped demeanor of government and it took thousands of precious lives of the citizens of Pakistan. 

Besides that, In India people didn’t celebrate New Year in the protest for un-identified 23 year old girl and now deceased rape victim. Ironically, in Pakistan more then three thousand deaths of innocent people couldn’t intrude on our carnival for New Year.   

It is high-time for all of us to wake-up and scuffle against those who desire to damage our motherland in anyway, whether they belong to any political arena, religious fanatics or any terrorist organizations. As Pakistani, we all ought to help either financially or morally to people who are sufferers of terrorism or poverty. That would be far superior celebration and service to this beloved country then firearm or arranging alcohol for New Year festivity. We shouldn’t hang back and wait for any transformation but we should transport this change to Pakistan.