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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mortal Monsoon

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

The dark black clouds were hovering in the sky of Hyderabad (Semi city of Sind, Pakistan) and after few minutes the downpour started as it was predictable. People were standing on their rooftops; welcomed the rain with applause and dancing. Children were playing with the rain water; guys were having amusement with their friends while ladies were making tea with Pakoras (The Traditional Indian Food Item) to add more spice in the fun.

All was good to see until I saw another side of the coin. In the suburb of the city so many deprived people were trying to save themselves and their families from heavy rainfall. They covered their half distorted cottages with shopping bags and were highly worried about accumulated water which besieged their so called homes. The administration always drains the filthy rain water to that ground to facilitate people living in city. Due to that, those hundreds of homeless people worried not only for their next day meal but also fearing to face water born diseases. They usually cook food on woods but during rains they don’t have option to cook food either.

During heavy rain I went out and suddenly my car broke at the same boulevard where hundreds of underprivileged people were setting-up their cottages. Till my car gets repaired by mechanic, I went to converse with one of the individual who owned one of the cottages in slum. Due to my portico he considered that I am government individual. That needy person and his spouse started to cry roughly. Their baby was attacked by fever since three days and they had no money to show-up to doctor. I helped them as much as I could but there were so much left to be done.

What I saw was, cottages were poorly trapped by drainage and sewerage water and their family became paralyzed. The people who were living there was the location which is not fit for human being.

As a result of ferret-out this desperate and ferocious side of the weather and poor governance; I was wondering to whom to blame?

Middle class and educated people always hoist their fingers to the government in order to liberate themselves from answerability. No one wants to own the problems and no one is disposed to convey change!

Do I have to censure government; it always neglected people living below poverty line? Or should I scorn people who go out side with their families for recreation and disregard their poor country mates?

The regime and its establishment are cramped by presenting statistical information a propos to the people living below poverty line but irony is the least has been done for socially divorced people. Is that all the government ought to do for people?

The society builds up when its natives endeavor to facilitate each other devoid of the peculiarity of cast, color, creed, religion, social status and ethnicity.

One common theme for societies in general is that they serve to aid individuals in a time of crisis. Traditionally, when an individual requires aid, for example at birth, death, sickness, or disaster, members of that society will rally others to render aid, in some form—symbolic, linguistic, physical, mental, emotional, financial, medical, or religious. Many societies will distribute largess, at the behest of some individual or some larger group of people. This type of generosity can be seen in all known cultures; typically, prestige accrues to the generous individual or group. Conversely, members of a society may also shun or scapegoat members of the society who violate its norms. Mechanisms such as gift-giving and scapegoating, which may be seen in various types of human groupings, tend to be institutionalized within a society. Social evolution as a phenomenon carries with itself certain elements that could be detrimental to the population it serves.

If people help other needy fellow being as much as they can; this society will get developed massively. Every people will have stable life with dignity and equality.

The government of Pakistan with the help of people should announce home building scheme for homeless people. In this way the government will provide shelter to millions of people who are living below human standard life in slums.

Most of the people’s self concerned priorities have replaced humanity. It is a need of the time to replace materilistic needs with morale. We shouldn’t forget to transport help to those who deserve it and make this world a place where selfishness subsided by love.

Have a nice monsoon!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drugs Addiction - Poisioning To Humanity

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

On 26th June the world was observing a day to say “No” to drugs. In that day, the government, Law enforcement agencies, NGO’s and International community observed that day by education people, how bad the drugs are. Hundreds of workshops, seminars and public gathering would be held all around the globe to sentient people of the tribulations of drugs. White color people would stride in the five star hotels and would have talked about drugs addict in statistical aspect. They would have condemned Drug addiction and would have gone back home after high-class refreshments.

Is that all!? The governments and civil society are getting huge aids from donors in order to bring improvement by getting purge of not only drugs from society but also to help drug addicted people in quitting drugs. Awfully, zilch optimistic has come out so far. The government and private organizations just pay lip service to this concern by conducting phony colloquium and workshops that never brought progress so far but even degenerate the situation.

According to survey report about 5-6 million people are drug addicted in Pakistan and about 1 million are residing in Karachi only. These numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds. Mostly, people become fatalities of drugs due to economic and social problems which can be addressed by government easily and effectively.

The same survey reveals that more then 5000 Kilogram drugs smuggled to Karachi only every year. Besides seminar and workshop law enforcement agencies should play judicious and result oriented role to bring drugs smugglers to justice. Whereas, if they won’t so seminars at other hand that could be justified and endurable.

As far as the United Nations and NGO’s are concerned they only hold seminars and workshops in luxurious motels for just face saving and do nothing practicable to eliminate these evil acts of few people who are providing catastrophe to not only society but to humanity as well.

The role of government is just to pass ordinances and budgets for health and for armed forces. But the question of implementation has always become mystery. Nothing constructive has been done to stop smuggling of the drugs and facilitation of drugs addicted people.

The reason of increasing number of drug addicted people is purely an economic and social imbalance in the society. The economic and social inequality makes most of the people deviant from society. Mostly, due to economic stress people cannot face the privation of life and get themselves into quagmire of drug world.

Government should play decisive role to establish special hospitals to treat and facilitate drug addicted people on large scale. Besides that, Law enforcement agencies must work with responsible aptitude and to curb drug smuggling and also hunt down drug smugglers.

Government, NGO’s and people from every walk of life should start joint venture to aware people on gross root level and also plan strategy to facilitate people who are victims of drugs. This joint venture should also work on to ferret out solutions of societal imbalance and economic stress for lower class.

Whatever should be done it has to be done before it’s too late for many lives and families.

Girls For Sale!

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

In today’s world where civil society is so strong, where media is so powerful and where every civilized society is talking about the development of human being; unfortunately and shockingly there in same world the tradition of selling girls is at its culmination.

In some rural areas of Pakistan girl is considered as a product. The relatives of girl put price tag on her and sell it to buyer like in auction. In most of the cases close parent, like mother and father are reported to be involved in that sell and service of their own daughter. The buyer and seller make an agreement in which they bound the girl’s parent that after selling their daughter they will socially divorce her. Due to that, buyer can do anything they want with sold girl and no-one will be there to protect victim girl.

People of these sort breaching the human values with the power of money and absence of law in those areas. Non-Government organizations which getting billion or rupees of fund to help these sorts of victims couldn’t have done impressive to help them out.

There are approximately 40,000 registered NGO’s in Pakistan. The roughly 170 million population consists more then forty thousand NGO’s. It means there is one NGO for four thousand people. In that way no one should be in any problem for long.

Coming to the point straight away, the news broke out that two girls were sold-out by their uncle in Hala (Sindh-Pakistan). Somehow, they escaped to Hyderabad and protested before press club Hyderabad. Sadly, no one paid heed to their plea. Then, those victims appeared before Judge, after waiting for hours judge ordered police to lodge case against culprits and arrest them. But Judge’s order has gone in vein and nothing fruitful happened. Besides that PPP’s led government and their representative didn’t move a inch to help those girls in anyway.

According to those victims they are being floating here and there in Hyderabad, Pakistan since June 20, 2008 but no one helped then so far. They are deadly disappointed with the government because of its silence and ineligibility to deal with the situation.

Hala is the city of Makhdoom Amin Fahim (Senior and veteran politician). He should have resolved the issue of victims besides his grievances with PPP to not let him to become Prime Minister. It is professional, social, moral and religious responsibility to help those girls without any condition.

Government of Pakistan should work seriously resolve day-to-day matters with immediate effect. Pakistan Peoples Party always talks about the protection of common people whether it’s political, social, economic or moral. They shouldn’t talk now but they should do it because they are in government. “The power rests with people” this slogan of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto must be activated as soon as possible.

NGO’s should work in gross root level instead of working with high-ups of government. All NGO’s should establish relief centers in everywhere to facilitate all kind of victims immediately.

Government should give target to all NGO’s for three months for result-oriented welfare of people. Otherwise, government should terminate their registration and seize their funds with immediate effect.

Yes We Can!

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

The blood-spattered episode is about to terminate which was on track by George.W Bush in his two term governments.

Barrak Obama’s slogan “Yes We Can” brought him on the glare of publicity and led him to triumph in presidential elections in USA. Now he is to be the President of United States of America.

People all around the world thought of revolutionize and tranquility that he (Obama) could transport to this world. His sense of commitment and apprehension for world peace made him well-liked and victorious as well. The peace loving countries and people took sigh of relief because of his influx.

His sudden glide to George Bush’s corridor of war hysteria not only shoddily shocked world’s political analysts but also his own supporters who discarded Bush’s policy of spreading war all over the world, whether it was directly or indirectly.

“Our prime target would be Pakistan’s Northern part where Taliban exists and we might send more troops to Iraq if it needed to ensure Peace” Barrak Obama.

His above statement was not a bolt from the blue for me because the American Think Tanks always situate their priorities ahead of any individual’s vision regarding to Foreign policy of USA.

The oil and Weapon industry would never afford harmony in the world because of their contracts of Billions of dollars. In the time of wars, Pentagon bestows contracts to private companies for arms and ammunitions which make the palms greased of high-ups officials.

Startlingly, more then half of Senators are somehow unswervingly or circuitously occupied with the oil or in the weapon Industry.

As far as the American people are concerned, it’s never been hard task for policy makers to convince them that USA is under attack, whether it’s Pearl Harbor, American Embassy Blasts, 9/11, or Iraq’s intention to make weapons of mass destruction and Iraq’s connection with Taliban. American people always believe American Authorities and follow the line of inclusive controversy sketch by their leaders.

Now, Obama’s new sweltering proclamation against Pakistan’s Tribal areas and sending more troops to Iraq caused more menace to this region and as well as to the world peace once more.

USA is still badly trapped in Iraq and waging war against Iran and/or Pakistan will ignite more hatred of people towards United States of America. The example is; millions of people all around the globe protested against the American military attack on Iraq.

It is crystal clear that USA or NATO forces would never be able to conquer or clasp dominating position in Tribal Areas of Pakistan because even Pakistani armed forces are unable to hold their undeviating position in those areas due to its emblematic mountainous location. Mountains all over can make American position nastiest then in Iraq. Second, Pakistan itself is a nuclear state which has capabilities to destroy the elements which are against the integrity and stability of its realm; whether it’s Taliban or USA. Third, Pakistan has always suffered a lot by supporting United States of America in Wars. Aftermaths of wars has always faced by Pakistan itself only and bond of so called “closest ally” always proved to be a nothing but deceive. The example of war against Soviet Union (RSSR), war with India and Afghanistan war is still on the record. This sort of unprincipled stance of USA with Pakistan has made most of the people within Pakistan are against the American Policy.

“They always use us as a tool and dump us in the end of the day” This is what every Pakistani thinks and speaks for America.

As now the democracy reincarnates in Pakistan; the wish of the people for settling all disputed issues should be resolved on the negotiation table ought to be accomplished.

The idyllic solution for (Taliban) problem is to sit on the negotiation table and sort it out without losing any innocent and precious life.

Pakistani people are against extremist views and the evidence of this is Pakistan Peoples Party, which considered as moderate Political party is in the government. Secondly, Muhtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was the most popular leader among the masses which negates the extremists’ views of few sick people.

If Obama will attack Pakistani soil it will be impossible for USA to bring its forces back from this soil. People of Pakistan will not allow USA to kill numerous innocent people for the sake of few terrorists or extremists like in Iraq.

“The all humanity will stand against tyrant! The subjugated will fight back against tormenter and peace loving populace will take oppressed to victory – And yes we can!”

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Muhtarma!!

By - Kashif Sarmad

I was thinking of Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto whole day. I reminded myself of her book which I read in December 2007, “The Daughter of East”. Most important person of my life gave that book. I read that book and couldn’t manage my sentiments after reading the most heartbreaking tale of Muhtarma’s life.

My emotions were at its highest culmination especially when I was reading her departure scene from her father’s. At that point, she knew that nothing can save her father (Zulfikar Ali Bhutto-the most popular Prime Minister of Pakistan) from gallows. The death sentence of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was judicial slay through military pressure in order to meet political interests of Zia-Ul-Haq (Military Dictator then supported by USA for Afghan War against USSR)

Benazir wrote that, “I tried to touch my father’s body through tiny bars but failed. I pleaded to the Jail Superintendent to let me meet my father for the last time but he didn’t allow me. I started crying and was continuously crying. Then, unexpectedly I heard a voice of my beloved father,”Good bye till we meet tomorrow again but alas! I wouldn’t be alive” I couldn’t look back and my feet were not supporting me. I felt that I am dead. “I still hear that sentence of my father and still it bother’s me a lot”, she wrote.

The burning question is I couldn’t envisage that, how most horrible the son or daughter will undergo that his/her adored father departing to die mercilessly within 5-6 hours and they can do nothing. Tomorrow, the most important person of one’s life will not be alive, that feeling should be alike sitting in darkroom and waiting for death penalty.

Martyr Benazir Bhutto countenanced so many destitutions in her life. Since the death of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, she had faced jails by Zia-Ul-Haq’s regime, self-exile due to threats from undemocratic governments and many other torments that were not perceptible to ordinary and non-political people.

She was a first woman Muslim Prime Minister and First Women prime minister of Pakistan. Her political and educational portfolio is too lengthy to describe in this article.

By any means till end she was fighting for the deprived people of Pakistan. She came back on 18 October 2008 and about 3 million Pakistani’s welcomed her with open arm. Which was largest ever welcome in the history of Pakistan.

She became Prime Minister twice but unfortunately, she was given handicap government in her both tenures as Prime Minister. The unremitting role of Military and law enforcement agencies always attempted to destabilize Benazir’s government. Surprisingly, in her 30 years political career her party won the elections twice and she was in government for just four years and eight months. In that term she and her political party (PPP) served solely for the welfare of ordinary people of Pakistan. Her achievements are as follows:

Benazir Bhutto’s first tenure as Prime Minister

Land Reforms

Distributed 35000 acres of land among the landless peasants. Each farmer was given 12.5 acres of land. The landlords challenged the land reforms in Supreme Court and because of court intervention the hand reforms were temporarily halted.

More than five hundred political workers, who were economically destroyed by the Zia regime because of their struggle for democracy, were given small residential plots on official rates.

Arrangements were made to build 2000 two-room small houses for homeless in every big city.
One thousand small houses were built in Karachi and handed over to homeless at a price of 30,000 each payable in small easy instalments.

Labour Reforms

Ban was immediately lifted on trade union activities.

Forty thousands industrial workers previously sacked were reinstated.

Labour wages were increased twice.

Labours were awarded share in the income of their enterprise.

Decision was taken to build labour colonies in every industrial city.

Labours were given the right of pension after retirement.


It was decided to establish government dispensaries in every Union Council.

Admission and bed fees forced upon during Zia’s regime were abolished.


For the very first time in the history of Pakistan, in the budget of 1989-90 the amount allocated for education was increased.

The education budget was again increased in 1990-91.

Fifty thousand new teachers were employed.

Education made compulsory upto 8th class.

Importance was given to technical and scientific education.

Youth Policy

Ban on students unions was lifted immediately so that the youth can get training and develop discipline and achieve organizational expertise during their college years.

To address the problems of youth a separate ministry for youth affairs was established.

80 thousands new literacy centers were set up throughout the country.

Women Affairs

Ten thousands young people were given loans of 50 thousands each to start their own businesses.

Very first time a separate ministry for women affairs was established to solve their problems.
Women Bank was established.

Women were given loan facility to start their own businesses.

Computer centers for women were started in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Water & Power

Electricity was supplied to 4 thousand Villages in twenty months, which is a record.

Electricity supplied to more than 1.2 million houses.

Private sector was encouraged and 1 billion $ investment from private sector was arranged for electric generation.

Ghazi Brotha and Neelam Jhelum projects (1 thousand Mega Watts) were initiated.

To overcome the energy problem an agreement was signed with China for the supply of a 300 MW nuclear Power Plant.

Communication & Production

Built a Satellite Station connecting Skardu, Gilgit and Gawadur with Islamabad.

Microwave channel was built to connect Karachi and Peshawar.

600 new post offices were opened.

Port Qasim was extended.

Pakistan Steel Mills was extended and its productivity increased.

Employment of 5000 workers was secured by restarting Baluchistan Textile Mills.

Millat Tractors was extended and its productivity increased from 12000 tractors per year to 18000 tractors per year.

A new plant of Suzuki Cars was constructed.

The lines for 1,50,000 new telephone connections were placed.

18 cities were connected via direct dialing system.

Oil & Gas

30% increase in production of oil and gas.

Work started to build a refinery.


Rupees 3.88 billion petrochemical project started.

An assembly plant of Toyota Hi Ace, Jeeps and Cars was started.

Loan facilities were extended for establishing small industrial units.

Limits for investment without government approval, was increased.


Two Frigates were handed over to Pakistan Navy.

Pakistan started indigenous aircraft production.

New sophisticated radar system started operation.

Acquired sixty F-16 Planes.

Freedom of Press & Expression

Press laws aimed at censorship lifted.

Journalists terminated from service during Martial Law regime were reinstated.

No objection certificate for journalists to travel abroad was abolished.

Employees of Radio and Television were reinstated.

Religious Services

An international Secret Conference was held.

The numbers of Pilgrims were increased in 1989.

The new Hajj Policy was adopted and over 0.1 million people were sent to perform Hajj in 1990.

2 Secret Conferences were held.

Hajj flights were initiated from Lahore and Islamabad.


Conference of the Heads of States of SAARC was held in Islamabad.

China announced to extend an interest free loan of 50 million dollars.

Pakistan rejoined the Common Wealth.

Relations with India normalised and an agreement of no attack on nuclear installations was signed.

Russia approved 1 billion dollar for extension of Karachi Steel Mills.

A separate ministry was established for eradication of drug smuggling.

Big drug traffickers were arrested and put behind bars.

South Asian Games were successfully held.

Benazir Bhutto’s second tenure as Prime Minister


Built 21,000 primary schools.

Provided 700,000 new telephone connections.

Electricity to 18,000 villages.

Airport at Sehwan Sharif.

Airport at Gawadur.

Work on Ketti Bandar Port started.

Construction of Akra Dam providing safe drinking water to the coastal regions of Mehran.

Foreign Policy

For the first time the OIC summit at Casablanca adopted a unanimous resolution asking for a solution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions.

Adoption of Brown Amendment, which partially released the military equipment and hardware, stuck up in the US since long due to Pressler Law.

Law & Order

Peace in Karachi. A near end to terrorism acknowledged by friends and foes alike.


Agosta submarines for the Pakistan Navy.

Tanks for the Army.

Missile capability developed which was to be announced as the Golden Jubilee gift to the Nation on August 14,1997.


An end to the load shedding by enlisting the private sector in power development sector through a uniform policy of tariffs and concessions hailed by the World Bank as a model for the developing countries.

Completion of the first private sector power plant, HUBCO.

Our 11000 kilometers of gas transmission line completed to provide gas to 240 new towns and villages.

Oil and gas exploration stepped up. As a result four new oil and gas wells discovered.


Laying of the optic fiber along with right bank of Indus.

Introduced cellular telephones, digital pager, satellite dish and FM Radio.

Social Sector

Countrywide Polio Vaccination Programme-Nearly 100 percent children under the age of five vaccinated against Polio in three years.

A large number of Computer Centers opened - Special centers for women
Recruitment of 33,000 Lady Health Visitors to reduce infant mortality.

Legislation/Northern Areas

Electoral reforms bill adopted for the first time.

For the first time people of Northern Areas given the right to vote.

Women Development

First time Women Police Stations set up, Women Bank opened and Women Judges appointed in superior judiciary.


Complete press freedom.

Sixth Wage Board award announced for the newspaper workers. The award was also implemented in the APP.


For the first time since independence, Cabinet members were forbidden to take loans from Pakistani Banks.

State Bank of Pakistan made an autonomous organisation.

For the first time one billion dollars of debt retired.

From a dismal growth rate of 2.3% in 1992-93, which it inherited, the PPP government raised the economic growth to 5.2% in 1995-96. The growth rate plunged to 3. I % in 1996-97 after the removal of PPP government, a figure further lowered to 1.3% in the budget.

Fiscal deficit in the last year of PPP government i.e.1995-96 brought down to 5%, from 8% of GDP, which it had inherited.

Tax revenue, which was only 7.2% of GDP in 92-93, was raised to 14. I % of GDP in 1995-96. Last year the tax to GDP ratio again fell to 10.2%.

Due to investment-oriented policies, more than 3 billion dollars of direct foreign investment flowed into the country. As against this the present government has scared away foreign investment through it’s mishandling of the IPP issue and freeze on foreign currency accounts.
A day before the PPP government was dismissal; the stock index was at 1500 points. It sank to 900 points in August 98.


Hajj flights from Multan and Sukkur.

Tens of thousands of jobs provided to the educated but unemployed youth in government departments, banks, corporations and autonomous bodies.

Anti Narcotics

Effective anti-narcotics measures and legislation adopted for the first time.
Half a dozen major drug barons extradited.

Death penalty and confiscation of property provided in the law for drug pushers.

The role of Benazir can be witness by this blue print of specifics. We, the People of Pakistan don’t require any day to remember Benazir but on her birthday I surely would like to salute her for all efforts she did for the underprivileged people of Pakistan. Sadly, her assassination had brought great deal of fretfulness, fright and rage to the people of Pakistan but nothing can be done now to fill her gap.

Mr. Zardari is doing well but changing the modus operandi and working structure of all institutions would be Herculean task for him. It is understood that these preposterous and corrupt institutions cannot be tainted overnight but we need to address the issues and we have got a kick-start.

As Benazir Bhutto said in her lecture at The World Political Forum on May 19, 2003 in Turin, Italy that “Ladies and Gentlemen: I believe a democratic Pakistan is the best guarantee of respect and dignity for the people of Pakistan. I believe that a democratic Pakistan living by the rule of law within and without is the best guarantee of the triumph of moderation and modernity amongst one billion Muslims at the crossroads of our history. We can remember that the future is in our hands. As the European philosopher Goethe once wrote, “Freedom must be reinvented in every generation.”
This is our turn to reinvent freedom.
And we shall prevail.”

The last but not least, Happy birthday Muhtarma! We will reinvent the freedom on your behalf and that will surely reflect your contribution cum hard work. We all thank you for being with us and we hope that coming generation will never forget your dedication for this country. We don’t vacillate to pronounce you the queen of democracy. We are proud of you, Pakistan is proud of you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Suicide - What, If You Were Bushra Bibi !! ?

(By - Kashif Sarmad)

I was reading the news paper and suddenly I glimpsed over the nerve-racking news that one woman jumped before the fast train with her two child. She did suicide because of hunger and poverty crisis within her home boundaries. I was shocked to read the story and astonished that how she did it? Before that I tried to ferret out what actually suicide means?

Suicide (
Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, to kill oneself) is primarily the act of intentionally ending one's own life, though it is also used as a metaphor for the "willful destruction of one's self-interest" either as an individual or as a group. Suicide may occur for a number of reasons, including depression, shame, pain, financial difficulties, or other undesirable situations. Nearly one million people worldwide die by suicide annually. There are an estimated 10 to 20 million attempted suicides every year.

The History of suicide defines, in general the pagan world, both Roman and Greek, had a relaxed attitude towards the whole concept of suicide, a practice that was only finally outlawed with the advent of the Christians, who condemned it at the
Council of Arles in 452 as the work of the Devil. In the Middle Ages, the church had drawn-out discussions on the edge where the search for martyrdom was suicidal, as in the case of Martyrs of Cordoba. Despite these disputes and occasional official rulings, Catholic doctrine was not entirely settled on the subject of suicide until the later 17th century. For instance, John Donne's Thoughts on Emergent Occasions is a long argument in favor of suicide as divinely appointed opportunity.

There is some echo of later Christian hostility in ancient Greek thinkers.
Pythagoras, for example, was against the act, though more on mathematical than moral grounds, believing that there was only a finite number of souls for use in the world, and that the sudden and unexpected departure of one upset a delicate balance. Aristotle also condemned suicide, though for quite different, far more practical reasons, in that it robbed the community of the services of one of its members. A reading of Phaedo suggests that Plato was also against the practice, inasmuch as he allows Socrates to defend the teachings of the Orphics, who believed that the human body was the property of God, and thus self-harm was a direct offense against divine law. Yet, it's not quite so simple, because after Socrates says than no man has a right to suicide, this is then qualified by the statement "...unless God sends some necessity upon him, as has now been sent upon me."

In Rome suicide was never a general offence in law, though the whole approach to the question was essentially pragmatic. This is illustrated by the example given by
Titus Livy of the colony of Massalia (the present day Marseilles), where those who wanted to kill themselves merely applied to the senate, and if their reasons were judged sound they were then given hemlock free of charge. It was specifically forbidden in three cases: those accused of capital crimes, soldiers and slaves. The reason behind all three was the same - it was uneconomic for these people to die. If the accused killed themselves prior to trial and conviction then the state lost the right to seize their property, a loophole that was only closed by Domitian in the first century AD, who decreed that those who died prior to trial were without legal heirs. The suicide of a soldier was treated on the same basis as desertion. If a slave killed her or himself within six months of purchase, the master could claim a full refund from the former owner.

But the Romans fully approved of what might be termed "patriotic suicide"; death, in other words, as an alternative to dishonour. For the
Stoics, a philosophical sect which originated in Greece, death was a guarantee of personal freedom, a way out of an intolerable existence. And so it was for Cato the Younger, who killed himself after the Pompeian cause was defeated at the Battle of Thapsus. This was a 'virtuous death', one guided by reason and conscience. His example was later followed by Seneca, though under somewhat more straightened circumstances. A very definite line was drawn by the Romans between the virtuous suicide and suicide for entirely private reasons. They disapproved of Mark Antony not because he killed himself, but that he killed himself for love.

Islam, like other Abrahamic religions, views suicide as sinful and highly detrimental to one's spiritual journey. For those who formerly believed, but ultimately rejected belief in God, the result seems unambiguously negative.

A verse in the fourth chapter of the Quran, An-Nisaa (The Women) instructs; "And do not kill yourselves, surely Allah is most Merciful to you." (4:29)

The prohibition of suicide has also been recorded in authentic statements of
hadith. For example; "He who commits suicide by throttling shall keep on throttling himself in the Hell-fire, and he who commits suicide by stabbing himself, he shall keep stabbing himself in the Hell-fire.

After reffering these papers I was wondering why Bushra Bibi committed suicide with her two innocent childern? Didn’t she know that committing suicide is prohabited in Islam and Law? She knew, I guess.

I thought as a Bushra Bibi who couldn’t feed her childern for many days, she couldn’t faced the worst financial hurdles, she was unable to buy medicines for her children, she was not capable to send her kids to school. She was not able to earn to meet her financial needs. These were enough reasons to commit suicide.

After one month government gave gant to Bushra Bibi’s husband as compensation. Was that really enough for her husband to forget his dead family? No!! Government should provide relief to those people who cannot afford to buy food for their family. Government should make turn Pakistan as welfare state where people can get better health facilities, cheap food and affordable shelter instead of giving them so called compensation.

I wonder what NGO’s and Societies are really doing to transport relief to needy people. There are thousands of NGO’s and other welfare societies are operating in Pakistan and very few of them are working up-to-mark. Most of them are used as political tools in the hands of most influencial political entities. Are NGO’s are only left to hold the banners before press clubs and doing fake workshops cum seminars in the five star hotels to get aids from donor agencies?

I request not only to government but also to civil society to prevent these sort of incidents instead of curing it through compensations. Its because any one can earn the money but its hard to bring back the dead family or loved ones. I am sure that no one wants to be Bushra Bibi who sacrificed her precious life for the sake of meal.

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Democracy in Pakistan

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

The democracy has been the only contrivance for the perfection in the society in every mean. The democracy in Pakistan has suffered sometimes prolonged gaps and sometimes shot-term handicap governments compelled to rule the country without discretion of power.

There are nine point modus operandi which can facilitate the democracy to triumph and prosper in the country.

1. The Civil and Military Bureaucracy.

2. The superior, free and fair Judiciary.

3. The unity among political parties.

4. The Feudalism and Industrial and Business classes in politics.

5. The fundamentalism in Pakistan.

6. Electoral management and its credibility.

7. Media and civil society. ( inc: NGO’s)

8. The role of young generation in Politics.

9. The role of Education for democracy.

1. The Civil and Military Bureaucracy

The integration and dignity of the institutions must continue to exist because without these the nitty-gritty of the country cannot be completed. The civil and military bureaucracy shouldn’t play any role in the politics and their ceased interference from the politics can play vital role to not only establish the democracy but also ensure sustained prosperity.

2. The superior, fair and free Judiciary

The free and fair judiciary is the chiefly important and most desirable pillar of the country. The free and fair judiciary must act as independent institution which should ensure the rights of the citizens and also monitor the working of government and other institutions within the country.

In this way the equality among the masses can be maintained and the sense of security will enhance the capability of people to protect democracy. The fear of law among the politicians will compel them to work with in the boundaries of constitution.

3. The unity among political parties

The unity among the political parties will impede undemocratic forces to cope on the government. It is witnessed in the political history of Pakistan that self concerned politicians and their parties always invited undemocratic forces to rule the country. Their gluttony to be in the government provided colossal loss to the democratic configuration of country. If all political parties become united for the democratic prosperity then the democracy can come out of the I.C.U.

4. The role of Feudal’s, Industrials and Business classes in politics.

These classes have been in the government since the independence of Pakistan. Not all of them, but most of the people from these classes have always worked for their own monetary interests, that action has destabilized the confidence of the people in political principles and politicians.

If middle class and educated person turn-up for politics then the tribulations of middle class and lower class cannot only be comprehended but also be resolved with practical approach. This would empower the lower and middle class and that empowerment leads to this nation state towards strongest democratic pathway.

5. The Fundamentalism in Pakistan.

The fundamentalism in Pakistan has been grave domestic concern. This issue and few extremist groups has commandeer the entire society which averse the true democratic process and it also defamed the icon of Pakistan in international community.

Due to this serious problem the people who wants to enter in politics are afraid to be get harmed. If extremism and fundamentalism gets evaporated from political scenario of Pakistan then moderate forces could be fraction of making democratic system more effective.

6. Electoral management and its credibility.

The autonomous election commission is also keeps significance to clutch and promote democratic procedure. Without free and fair elections we cannot assume the existence of true represented government of people. Therefore, it is utmost necessary to institutionalize the independent election commission which is mainstay of democracy.

7. Media and civil society (Including: NGO’s)

The media and civil society (NGO’s) has performed precious job to sentient the people of Pakistan regarding to their rights and importance of democracy.

It is necessary to authorize these forces to make the people of Pakistan conscientious about their constitutional rights. That will assist to strong and make understand the masses to fight for their rights and democracy, if, by any way undemocratic forces attack on the democracy.

8. The role of young generation in Politics.

The young generation’s presence in politics always has been source of foremost revolutions in the history of mankind. Young people have audacity and vigor to take any mission on for the betterment of society.

Young people should come in the politics to contribute their precious services for people and democracy. The scarcity of young and educated people has made the democratic process dead slow. If young blood becomes useful ingredient to promote democracy then I am confident that democratic journey will never going to be on lower ebb.

10. Role of Education for Democracy.

Education is most important part to handle the government effectively and it also decides the fate of country. Without education and literature none of the nation can even think about the success in any meadow of life.

Once George Washington Said;”Give me educated women, I will give you developed country”.

Education can change the destiny of nations and education can decides the fortune of people. Through, education people can check upon the politicians and their own rights; in this way the political and democratic bustle can become transparent and swift.

It is important to provide education without sex bigotry to save the society and democratic procession in Pakistan.

Poverty & Inflation

( By-Kashif Sarmad)

Unfortunately, Poverty and Inflation has been the core part of Pakistan since its independence. All governments whether democratic or undemocratic have never played a role in economic activities on gross root levels. That was irony of fate which leads poor person poorer.

The Micro Economic activity and its promotion could play massive role to change the life of people and could also contribute greatly to increase GDP numbers.

I would like to give example of Bangladesh where an individual Dr. Muhammad Yunus has started to give minor loans to poor people to establish their own business like, swing machine, carts, mini general store, mini medical store, etc. Due to that activity people established their own business and contributed to the economy of country in the mean of different taxes. In addition to that, surprisingly, the turn out of the reprisal of loans was about 98%. That proposal leads him to great success and by now he is maintaining about 1100 such branches. He also got Nobel Prize for that remarkable inventiveness for micro economic activity.

If the government of Pakistan would promote and chanelize the micro economic activity it would benefit the people on the gross root level. In this way the economic activity of the society will increase and the flow of money will also be up to the mark; that would make people out of the poverty web.

I am giving one example of micro unit of economy. If one person opens a medical store, that person will purchase or rent a shop, that person will purchase medicines; they will also hire people to handle shop and that person will also pay all taxes to the government. If we see in that example the individual of the shop has moved various economic activities and that activities benefited various people, like renting the shop, purchasing medicines, hiring of person, etc.

Besides that government should give those small unit traders some relief in the sense of loans and subsidies; so that they can establish their own business on strong level and can promote it further. This would help the government to establish their own local business unit within country and the monopoly of the different national and international industries will be eliminated due to that revolutionary step.

The competition will increase among the local business units and it will promote the price stability and also promote the customer convenience sense among domestic business community.

These are some points which will help to eliminate poverty and inflation.

A) Local Industries (Tax payment surety by proprietor to government)

B) Loans and subsidies to poor people for setting up local and small industries.

C) Loans to women in rural areas for making handicrafts more sophisticated not only in domestic markets but also in International markets as well. In this way women in rural areas will get their fair share by making different handicrafts.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bilawal Bhutto-Brave Son Of Brave Muhtarma!

( By Kashif Sarmad )

When I saw Bilawal dealing with the world renowned journalists in London, I couldn’t stop admiring his nerve to face the toughest time of his life. I am confidant; He wouldn’t be able to forget his mother (Benazir Bhutto) by now and at the age of 19 how tactfully he was addressing the shrewd journalists of London. Hats off to you Bilawal!!

I was thinking, where the Bhutto’s destination will end? Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came in the Politics at the age of 35; Benazir stepped in the political quagmire when she was 27 and now Bilawal who is just 19 and was pleading to press to deal with him at bay during his studies.

After Muhtarma Benazir’s martyrdom the family and party went in the crisis for awhile and so many predictions were coming up regarding to the disintegration of PPP. No doubt, Zardari has controversial entity of PPP and very little number of people like his existence in the party.

The other point is will he be able to understand how military and international community interfere with this country since its existence. It’s going to be Herculean task for him to get rid of these two major barriers and run the government independently.

How Bilawal going to deal with the party and its associates with the affiliation of Mr. Zardari? No doubt, this question also has complexities. But the matter of fact might get different after few years when Bilawal Bhutto will come back. Without any question he is capable to cope-up with any situation in particular after dealing with this harsh point of time of his life.

I hope and sure that young generation will help Bilawal out after 5-6 years in the shape of joining the Pakistani political arena. If this revolution happens then the series of revolutions will get started in Pakistan.

I don’t know by whom Muhtarma Benazir got assassinated but I am supremely convinced that Benazir must be proud of her brave son and daughters. She might depart this world without achieving what she vision for but she has given that flag of responsibilities in the right hand.

Bilawal is under age but the gut’s he has showed to the press has sufficient evidence that another Bhutto is getting ready to lead this nation. With the help of Bilawal this country will attain the landmark where it’s actually destined for; the prosperity, stability and democracy.