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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Democracy in Pakistan

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

The democracy has been the only contrivance for the perfection in the society in every mean. The democracy in Pakistan has suffered sometimes prolonged gaps and sometimes shot-term handicap governments compelled to rule the country without discretion of power.

There are nine point modus operandi which can facilitate the democracy to triumph and prosper in the country.

1. The Civil and Military Bureaucracy.

2. The superior, free and fair Judiciary.

3. The unity among political parties.

4. The Feudalism and Industrial and Business classes in politics.

5. The fundamentalism in Pakistan.

6. Electoral management and its credibility.

7. Media and civil society. ( inc: NGO’s)

8. The role of young generation in Politics.

9. The role of Education for democracy.

1. The Civil and Military Bureaucracy

The integration and dignity of the institutions must continue to exist because without these the nitty-gritty of the country cannot be completed. The civil and military bureaucracy shouldn’t play any role in the politics and their ceased interference from the politics can play vital role to not only establish the democracy but also ensure sustained prosperity.

2. The superior, fair and free Judiciary

The free and fair judiciary is the chiefly important and most desirable pillar of the country. The free and fair judiciary must act as independent institution which should ensure the rights of the citizens and also monitor the working of government and other institutions within the country.

In this way the equality among the masses can be maintained and the sense of security will enhance the capability of people to protect democracy. The fear of law among the politicians will compel them to work with in the boundaries of constitution.

3. The unity among political parties

The unity among the political parties will impede undemocratic forces to cope on the government. It is witnessed in the political history of Pakistan that self concerned politicians and their parties always invited undemocratic forces to rule the country. Their gluttony to be in the government provided colossal loss to the democratic configuration of country. If all political parties become united for the democratic prosperity then the democracy can come out of the I.C.U.

4. The role of Feudal’s, Industrials and Business classes in politics.

These classes have been in the government since the independence of Pakistan. Not all of them, but most of the people from these classes have always worked for their own monetary interests, that action has destabilized the confidence of the people in political principles and politicians.

If middle class and educated person turn-up for politics then the tribulations of middle class and lower class cannot only be comprehended but also be resolved with practical approach. This would empower the lower and middle class and that empowerment leads to this nation state towards strongest democratic pathway.

5. The Fundamentalism in Pakistan.

The fundamentalism in Pakistan has been grave domestic concern. This issue and few extremist groups has commandeer the entire society which averse the true democratic process and it also defamed the icon of Pakistan in international community.

Due to this serious problem the people who wants to enter in politics are afraid to be get harmed. If extremism and fundamentalism gets evaporated from political scenario of Pakistan then moderate forces could be fraction of making democratic system more effective.

6. Electoral management and its credibility.

The autonomous election commission is also keeps significance to clutch and promote democratic procedure. Without free and fair elections we cannot assume the existence of true represented government of people. Therefore, it is utmost necessary to institutionalize the independent election commission which is mainstay of democracy.

7. Media and civil society (Including: NGO’s)

The media and civil society (NGO’s) has performed precious job to sentient the people of Pakistan regarding to their rights and importance of democracy.

It is necessary to authorize these forces to make the people of Pakistan conscientious about their constitutional rights. That will assist to strong and make understand the masses to fight for their rights and democracy, if, by any way undemocratic forces attack on the democracy.

8. The role of young generation in Politics.

The young generation’s presence in politics always has been source of foremost revolutions in the history of mankind. Young people have audacity and vigor to take any mission on for the betterment of society.

Young people should come in the politics to contribute their precious services for people and democracy. The scarcity of young and educated people has made the democratic process dead slow. If young blood becomes useful ingredient to promote democracy then I am confident that democratic journey will never going to be on lower ebb.

10. Role of Education for Democracy.

Education is most important part to handle the government effectively and it also decides the fate of country. Without education and literature none of the nation can even think about the success in any meadow of life.

Once George Washington Said;”Give me educated women, I will give you developed country”.

Education can change the destiny of nations and education can decides the fortune of people. Through, education people can check upon the politicians and their own rights; in this way the political and democratic bustle can become transparent and swift.

It is important to provide education without sex bigotry to save the society and democratic procession in Pakistan.

Poverty & Inflation

( By-Kashif Sarmad)

Unfortunately, Poverty and Inflation has been the core part of Pakistan since its independence. All governments whether democratic or undemocratic have never played a role in economic activities on gross root levels. That was irony of fate which leads poor person poorer.

The Micro Economic activity and its promotion could play massive role to change the life of people and could also contribute greatly to increase GDP numbers.

I would like to give example of Bangladesh where an individual Dr. Muhammad Yunus has started to give minor loans to poor people to establish their own business like, swing machine, carts, mini general store, mini medical store, etc. Due to that activity people established their own business and contributed to the economy of country in the mean of different taxes. In addition to that, surprisingly, the turn out of the reprisal of loans was about 98%. That proposal leads him to great success and by now he is maintaining about 1100 such branches. He also got Nobel Prize for that remarkable inventiveness for micro economic activity.

If the government of Pakistan would promote and chanelize the micro economic activity it would benefit the people on the gross root level. In this way the economic activity of the society will increase and the flow of money will also be up to the mark; that would make people out of the poverty web.

I am giving one example of micro unit of economy. If one person opens a medical store, that person will purchase or rent a shop, that person will purchase medicines; they will also hire people to handle shop and that person will also pay all taxes to the government. If we see in that example the individual of the shop has moved various economic activities and that activities benefited various people, like renting the shop, purchasing medicines, hiring of person, etc.

Besides that government should give those small unit traders some relief in the sense of loans and subsidies; so that they can establish their own business on strong level and can promote it further. This would help the government to establish their own local business unit within country and the monopoly of the different national and international industries will be eliminated due to that revolutionary step.

The competition will increase among the local business units and it will promote the price stability and also promote the customer convenience sense among domestic business community.

These are some points which will help to eliminate poverty and inflation.

A) Local Industries (Tax payment surety by proprietor to government)

B) Loans and subsidies to poor people for setting up local and small industries.

C) Loans to women in rural areas for making handicrafts more sophisticated not only in domestic markets but also in International markets as well. In this way women in rural areas will get their fair share by making different handicrafts.