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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bilawal Bhutto-Brave Son Of Brave Muhtarma!

( By Kashif Sarmad )

When I saw Bilawal dealing with the world renowned journalists in London, I couldn’t stop admiring his nerve to face the toughest time of his life. I am confidant; He wouldn’t be able to forget his mother (Benazir Bhutto) by now and at the age of 19 how tactfully he was addressing the shrewd journalists of London. Hats off to you Bilawal!!

I was thinking, where the Bhutto’s destination will end? Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came in the Politics at the age of 35; Benazir stepped in the political quagmire when she was 27 and now Bilawal who is just 19 and was pleading to press to deal with him at bay during his studies.

After Muhtarma Benazir’s martyrdom the family and party went in the crisis for awhile and so many predictions were coming up regarding to the disintegration of PPP. No doubt, Zardari has controversial entity of PPP and very little number of people like his existence in the party.

The other point is will he be able to understand how military and international community interfere with this country since its existence. It’s going to be Herculean task for him to get rid of these two major barriers and run the government independently.

How Bilawal going to deal with the party and its associates with the affiliation of Mr. Zardari? No doubt, this question also has complexities. But the matter of fact might get different after few years when Bilawal Bhutto will come back. Without any question he is capable to cope-up with any situation in particular after dealing with this harsh point of time of his life.

I hope and sure that young generation will help Bilawal out after 5-6 years in the shape of joining the Pakistani political arena. If this revolution happens then the series of revolutions will get started in Pakistan.

I don’t know by whom Muhtarma Benazir got assassinated but I am supremely convinced that Benazir must be proud of her brave son and daughters. She might depart this world without achieving what she vision for but she has given that flag of responsibilities in the right hand.

Bilawal is under age but the gut’s he has showed to the press has sufficient evidence that another Bhutto is getting ready to lead this nation. With the help of Bilawal this country will attain the landmark where it’s actually destined for; the prosperity, stability and democracy.