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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Democracy – the lost essence in politics of Pakistan.

(by - Kashif Sarmad)

Few days back the world including Pakistan was celebrating the day of democracy. I read the message to the nation by Pakistan’s president Mr. Asif Zardari in which he encouraged and supported democracy as the ultimate resort of prosperity for this nation.

I see eye to eye with the president in this regard but only giving memo on newspapers and TV advertisement cannot emphasize the vivacity of democracy. The only mean to bring to light the significance of democracy is the ensuring good governance to the nation. The excellence of life, peace, health, education and employment to the people can not only validate the magnitude of democracy but nation will also admire it, after observing its positive outcome.

Unfortunately, in 64 years people hasn’t witnessed the importance and need of democracy. I will hold politicians accountable to depreciate the factual political principles and its accurate essence for their own vested interests of being in authority for the wealth they dig up through crooked means.

Ironically, Principle in politics has diminished to its bottom and now the most controversial figures are in the kitchen cabinet of the country who decides the fate of people and of coming generations.

Our politicians haven’t learned to serve but to rule this country. At this time, we are facing ruinous financial and administrative problems in our country. Moreover, the bureaucracy has diminished the left sanctity of serving the nation.

These days, this nation is facing all kinds of problems that ought to be resolved by politicians collectively. Poverty and inflation is increasing day by day, no employment is given on merit basis, the law and order situation is getting worse in every part of the country, the quality health and education is missing since the birth of Pakistan, our institutions are getting 2 billion of subsidy, war against terrorism has taken more then 60 thousand precious lives of our countrymen and soldiers with the cost of more then $30 billion, the integrity is being challenged by USA through drones and 02 may Abbotabad operation, in recent flood 5.5 million people became displaced and 4.5 million acre of agriculture lands are devastated etc.

There are numerous other problems which this nation is facing not due to natural calamity but due to our government’s failure in planning to protect and serve its people.

I am staunch advocate of democracy and freedom of speech, because I know its intrinsic worth in long term but will this be the mentality of our people who lives in below the poverty line with no education and striving hard everyday to earn meal for their kith and kin? I would like to say “No” to this query.

Let me share with you what people want in their lives, they want good earnings, quality health service and education, they want definite security and swift justice, they want good infrastructure and effortless access to the people who are governing them, they want elimination of inflation so they can obtain meal without difficulty, in short they desire quality of life which make them understand the importance and magnitude of democracy.

People don’t care which government should come to Islamabad or whether it’s democratic or non-democratic. All they want the above facilities which they obviously deserve as the inhabitants of this state.

I would like to request to president of the Pakistan to ponder over this and then give such avowal which mentions the importance of democracy, because people won’t understand it if their kids are hungry and they don’t have proper health facility or if they don’t have jobs or not getting justice.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mirza Leaks

(By Kashif Sarmad)

After watching Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza's press conference the Pakistani politics has twisted to the new portico which might bring-up blood-spattered culmination in particularly in Karachi and generally in Pakistan.

The politics in Karachi reflects the whole country’s political scenario. Mr. Mirza proved to be far lethal then wiki-leaks, he revealed and unearth very grave allegations on Mr. Rehman Malik, MQM, USA, Altaf Hussain, UK and on Army and its institutions like ISI.

According to Mr. Mirza the political organism has corrupted shoddily and he has started distillation it by speaking truth.

I do not doubt Mr. Mirza upon all his allegations on individuals, countries and institutions, but I really have some queries to solicit from Mr. Mirza regarding his accusations.

In one of his proclamation in which he (Mr. Mirza) said that Mr. Malik is making fool all and sundry including PPP headship by his mendacity and exaggerations and Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has made mistake by appointing him as a federal Interior Minister.

I would like to say on that; whether Mr. Mirza is considering Mr. Zardari involved in deteriorating political milieu or Mr. Zardari is exceptionally incompetent to comprehend bundles of lies by his own Interior Minister?

In other proclamation, Mr. Mirza badly indicted MQM and its leaders as traitors and terrorists. He said that, in a letter written by Altaf Hussain, he appealed to Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair too disband ISI and in return he vowed to serve Britain's political interests in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In addition, he blamed Altaf Hussain that, Mr. Altaf has revealed to Mr. Mirza that, USA will disintegrate Pakistan and he is with America in that conspiracy. According to Mr. Mirza, Mr. Altaf also said to Mr. Mirza that he won’t stop homicide against Pashto speaking people in Karachi.

This allegation of Mr. Mirza triggered the article 6 of the constitution which describes treason against Pakistan. I would like to ask Mr. Mirza that; can't you think that this statement of yours cannot only blame Altaf Hussain but also President and Army? I am saying this because, Mr. Mirza said that he shared this information with President, Army chief and ISI chief. If he has done so then why, Pakistan Army and President did not probe into such stern issue? This matter leads to two questions that, whether Presidency and Army do not take Mr. Mirza's words seriously or they are least bother about any conspiracy mounting under their nose. We ought to commit to memory that this conspiracy is not political but is about the integrity and security of Pakistan. It is crucial business indeed; we also have bystander the excellence of vigilance of our armed forces when they were under attack in GHQ, Mehran Naval base Karachi and an operation Abbotabad on 2nd may 2011 by American soldiers without enlighten the government of Pakistan.

Now my question is from Mr. Mirza is that, besides MQM shall we count president and army involved in this conspiracy too? If not, then why didn’t they take any action on your severe and stirring information? Are they incompetent or involved? I think people are not as stupid as you reckon.

The last but not the least, I doubt the intentions of Mr. Mirza political game that he is in performance. As he mentioned that he is retired from politics but even then he is leading rallies and addressing public gatherings. I am little confused with this sort of retirement!

Though, I have some questions regarding his recent activities; I won’t say political because he officially announced retirement from it.

• Is he formatting or have intentions to format new political party? If no, as he said in his statements too; then what is the use for rallies or arranging public meetings?

• What will he say to his followers on the day of voting or in elections? To vote his best friend Mr. Asif Ali Zardari or anyone they like?

• Is he warming-up by beating-up and harassing journalists or its Mr. Mirza’s part of new manifesto which prohibits freedom of speech?

• Is Mr. Mirza’s war is against MQM, target killers, government, Army, ISI, USA, UK, Mr. Altaf Hussain or against Mr. Rehman Malik?

• As he said, does he really want to start a gorilla war against MQM and its allies in Karachi? If yes, then does he have some arrangements to nourish millions of people who work on daily wages in this mega city?

I appreciate that Mr. Mirza is speaking truth; though its half truth, but I would be glad about him more if he sidelines Mr. Asif Ali Zardari’s gigantic favoritism upon him and be entirely loyal to Pakistan and its populace. I know its hard to overlook a kindness especially when it earns you sugar mill but if he really wants to see the Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah back on map, as he said in his statement; then he should forget about comradeship because his actions may lead the millions of lives at stake in the war of truth and lies.

Besides that, he should transform his blood-spattered thought into nonviolent ideology. He should convert people terror into gallantry which eventually will revolutionize the fortune of Pakistani politics.

Pakistan and its people are going all the way through hard-hitting time which shouldn’t be twisted into fatal for the nation. In Karachi only about 5 million people are on daily wages. It means that 5 million families cannot afford carnage at any cost. If Mr. Mirza will strengthen those 5 million families to fight for their constitutional rights, I am sure that, Mr. Mirza purpose of change this country into Quid-e-Azam’s Pakistan will be served effectively, instead of more atrocities.

In the end I would like to point out that Quid-e-Azam never been in detention or punished by the court of law, because he was always adjacent to the mayhem of innocent people. In his lifetime he never called for such strikes, protests or any other activity which merely had a chance of violence.

I would like to end my piece of writing here by advising Mr. Mirza that, Pakistani nation doesn’t need any bleeding revolution, but it surely needs a leader like Jinnah or Iqbal which changes this system through change of minds. It will take time but it will change the destiny of this nation perpetually.