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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shame on us!

(By - Kashif Sarmad)

CIA head Raymond Davis set gratis by the Lahore High Court on 16th March. This breaking news not only traumatized the nation but also hit the offended waves around the country.

Since I have seen the news on TV, I was shocked and angry over the system and was feeling sorry about those who got killed in that scenario, counting the poor widow of deceased Fahim who committed suicide due to slow justice progression and perceptible liberating Davis from charges. In her last interview to News channels, she was keep demanding justice; even on her death bed.

The whole panorama was alarming and evidently showed the factual features of courts and judiciary with the counterfeit role of government dealing Raymond Davis case.

I want to pronounce all of us culprit in this situation. The other question draw closer is; why?

First culprit is Pakistani Nation, one of the lawyers of deceased family demanded from Pakistani nation on TV to shell out the funds to deceased family, so the family of victims shouldn’t mould to the Diyat by Americans. The irony of that idea ended up on approximately fifty four thousand rupees only. Hats off to our nation!

People of Pakistan are always fervent to pop-up on streets for remonstration to record their demands but in this regard all of us were least bother. May be its because the mass moments are derived by the political parties, however, in this stipulation all political parties were on vibration mode due to keeping their relation animate with the Uncle Sam.

Second culprit is Government, since the first day, the government of Pakistan not only botched Raymond Davis case but also presented insubstantial case before court in order to give relief to Davis. Provincial government also failed to endow with facility and security to victims’ family which made the families insecure in all way. The most imperative, Raymond Davis was charged with not only murders but also spying and carrying the illegitimate weapon which could sentence him more then decades in jail. Definitely, the government has to sustain its financial and strategic relationship with USA. May be, IMF’s next instalment is yet to arrive as an award to Pakistani politicians.

Third Culprit is judiciary; I would put more culpability to our beloved and honorary courts for which people gave their blood to make it refurbish. Court unconfined Raymond Davis from murder after Diyat papers were signed by the victims’ family. Ironically, court has given relaxation to Davis in carrying the illegal weapon and shooting around on the busiest street of Lahore which could transport Raymond Davis behind bars for at least seven years. What Chief justice going to do about this? The maximum he will do is to bit his nails in frustration.

I would like to mention one example regarding Americans hegemony over diplomatic immunity which they were keep reciting since Raymond Davis was in jail. “In January 1997, Gueorgui Makharadze, the deputy ambassador of the Republic of Georgia in Washington caused an accident that injured four people and killed a sixteen-year-old girl. He was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.15, but released from custody because he was a diplomat. The U.S. government asked the Georgian government to waive his immunity, which they did and Makharadze was tried and convicted of manslaughter by the U.S. and sentenced to seven to twenty-one years in prison. The first three years of his sentence were served in a North Carolina prison, after which he was repatriated to his home nation of Georgia to serve the remainder of his sentence”.

I don’t have words to condemn this act of barbarity by not only USA but by every institution of Pakistan. I don’t want to appeal anything from anyone because all are sailing in the same boat of greed, power lust and corruption.

All I have to say is to the youth of Pakistan:

Ay dost karo himmat kuch door sawaira hai
Agar chahtay ho manzil tu parwaaz badal dalo
Tum ney bhi suni hogi bari aam kahawa hai
Anjaam ka ho khatra aghaz badal dalo
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