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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drugs Addiction - Poisioning To Humanity

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

On 26th June the world was observing a day to say “No” to drugs. In that day, the government, Law enforcement agencies, NGO’s and International community observed that day by education people, how bad the drugs are. Hundreds of workshops, seminars and public gathering would be held all around the globe to sentient people of the tribulations of drugs. White color people would stride in the five star hotels and would have talked about drugs addict in statistical aspect. They would have condemned Drug addiction and would have gone back home after high-class refreshments.

Is that all!? The governments and civil society are getting huge aids from donors in order to bring improvement by getting purge of not only drugs from society but also to help drug addicted people in quitting drugs. Awfully, zilch optimistic has come out so far. The government and private organizations just pay lip service to this concern by conducting phony colloquium and workshops that never brought progress so far but even degenerate the situation.

According to survey report about 5-6 million people are drug addicted in Pakistan and about 1 million are residing in Karachi only. These numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds. Mostly, people become fatalities of drugs due to economic and social problems which can be addressed by government easily and effectively.

The same survey reveals that more then 5000 Kilogram drugs smuggled to Karachi only every year. Besides seminar and workshop law enforcement agencies should play judicious and result oriented role to bring drugs smugglers to justice. Whereas, if they won’t so seminars at other hand that could be justified and endurable.

As far as the United Nations and NGO’s are concerned they only hold seminars and workshops in luxurious motels for just face saving and do nothing practicable to eliminate these evil acts of few people who are providing catastrophe to not only society but to humanity as well.

The role of government is just to pass ordinances and budgets for health and for armed forces. But the question of implementation has always become mystery. Nothing constructive has been done to stop smuggling of the drugs and facilitation of drugs addicted people.

The reason of increasing number of drug addicted people is purely an economic and social imbalance in the society. The economic and social inequality makes most of the people deviant from society. Mostly, due to economic stress people cannot face the privation of life and get themselves into quagmire of drug world.

Government should play decisive role to establish special hospitals to treat and facilitate drug addicted people on large scale. Besides that, Law enforcement agencies must work with responsible aptitude and to curb drug smuggling and also hunt down drug smugglers.

Government, NGO’s and people from every walk of life should start joint venture to aware people on gross root level and also plan strategy to facilitate people who are victims of drugs. This joint venture should also work on to ferret out solutions of societal imbalance and economic stress for lower class.

Whatever should be done it has to be done before it’s too late for many lives and families.

Girls For Sale!

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

In today’s world where civil society is so strong, where media is so powerful and where every civilized society is talking about the development of human being; unfortunately and shockingly there in same world the tradition of selling girls is at its culmination.

In some rural areas of Pakistan girl is considered as a product. The relatives of girl put price tag on her and sell it to buyer like in auction. In most of the cases close parent, like mother and father are reported to be involved in that sell and service of their own daughter. The buyer and seller make an agreement in which they bound the girl’s parent that after selling their daughter they will socially divorce her. Due to that, buyer can do anything they want with sold girl and no-one will be there to protect victim girl.

People of these sort breaching the human values with the power of money and absence of law in those areas. Non-Government organizations which getting billion or rupees of fund to help these sorts of victims couldn’t have done impressive to help them out.

There are approximately 40,000 registered NGO’s in Pakistan. The roughly 170 million population consists more then forty thousand NGO’s. It means there is one NGO for four thousand people. In that way no one should be in any problem for long.

Coming to the point straight away, the news broke out that two girls were sold-out by their uncle in Hala (Sindh-Pakistan). Somehow, they escaped to Hyderabad and protested before press club Hyderabad. Sadly, no one paid heed to their plea. Then, those victims appeared before Judge, after waiting for hours judge ordered police to lodge case against culprits and arrest them. But Judge’s order has gone in vein and nothing fruitful happened. Besides that PPP’s led government and their representative didn’t move a inch to help those girls in anyway.

According to those victims they are being floating here and there in Hyderabad, Pakistan since June 20, 2008 but no one helped then so far. They are deadly disappointed with the government because of its silence and ineligibility to deal with the situation.

Hala is the city of Makhdoom Amin Fahim (Senior and veteran politician). He should have resolved the issue of victims besides his grievances with PPP to not let him to become Prime Minister. It is professional, social, moral and religious responsibility to help those girls without any condition.

Government of Pakistan should work seriously resolve day-to-day matters with immediate effect. Pakistan Peoples Party always talks about the protection of common people whether it’s political, social, economic or moral. They shouldn’t talk now but they should do it because they are in government. “The power rests with people” this slogan of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto must be activated as soon as possible.

NGO’s should work in gross root level instead of working with high-ups of government. All NGO’s should establish relief centers in everywhere to facilitate all kind of victims immediately.

Government should give target to all NGO’s for three months for result-oriented welfare of people. Otherwise, government should terminate their registration and seize their funds with immediate effect.

Yes We Can!

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

The blood-spattered episode is about to terminate which was on track by George.W Bush in his two term governments.

Barrak Obama’s slogan “Yes We Can” brought him on the glare of publicity and led him to triumph in presidential elections in USA. Now he is to be the President of United States of America.

People all around the world thought of revolutionize and tranquility that he (Obama) could transport to this world. His sense of commitment and apprehension for world peace made him well-liked and victorious as well. The peace loving countries and people took sigh of relief because of his influx.

His sudden glide to George Bush’s corridor of war hysteria not only shoddily shocked world’s political analysts but also his own supporters who discarded Bush’s policy of spreading war all over the world, whether it was directly or indirectly.

“Our prime target would be Pakistan’s Northern part where Taliban exists and we might send more troops to Iraq if it needed to ensure Peace” Barrak Obama.

His above statement was not a bolt from the blue for me because the American Think Tanks always situate their priorities ahead of any individual’s vision regarding to Foreign policy of USA.

The oil and Weapon industry would never afford harmony in the world because of their contracts of Billions of dollars. In the time of wars, Pentagon bestows contracts to private companies for arms and ammunitions which make the palms greased of high-ups officials.

Startlingly, more then half of Senators are somehow unswervingly or circuitously occupied with the oil or in the weapon Industry.

As far as the American people are concerned, it’s never been hard task for policy makers to convince them that USA is under attack, whether it’s Pearl Harbor, American Embassy Blasts, 9/11, or Iraq’s intention to make weapons of mass destruction and Iraq’s connection with Taliban. American people always believe American Authorities and follow the line of inclusive controversy sketch by their leaders.

Now, Obama’s new sweltering proclamation against Pakistan’s Tribal areas and sending more troops to Iraq caused more menace to this region and as well as to the world peace once more.

USA is still badly trapped in Iraq and waging war against Iran and/or Pakistan will ignite more hatred of people towards United States of America. The example is; millions of people all around the globe protested against the American military attack on Iraq.

It is crystal clear that USA or NATO forces would never be able to conquer or clasp dominating position in Tribal Areas of Pakistan because even Pakistani armed forces are unable to hold their undeviating position in those areas due to its emblematic mountainous location. Mountains all over can make American position nastiest then in Iraq. Second, Pakistan itself is a nuclear state which has capabilities to destroy the elements which are against the integrity and stability of its realm; whether it’s Taliban or USA. Third, Pakistan has always suffered a lot by supporting United States of America in Wars. Aftermaths of wars has always faced by Pakistan itself only and bond of so called “closest ally” always proved to be a nothing but deceive. The example of war against Soviet Union (RSSR), war with India and Afghanistan war is still on the record. This sort of unprincipled stance of USA with Pakistan has made most of the people within Pakistan are against the American Policy.

“They always use us as a tool and dump us in the end of the day” This is what every Pakistani thinks and speaks for America.

As now the democracy reincarnates in Pakistan; the wish of the people for settling all disputed issues should be resolved on the negotiation table ought to be accomplished.

The idyllic solution for (Taliban) problem is to sit on the negotiation table and sort it out without losing any innocent and precious life.

Pakistani people are against extremist views and the evidence of this is Pakistan Peoples Party, which considered as moderate Political party is in the government. Secondly, Muhtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was the most popular leader among the masses which negates the extremists’ views of few sick people.

If Obama will attack Pakistani soil it will be impossible for USA to bring its forces back from this soil. People of Pakistan will not allow USA to kill numerous innocent people for the sake of few terrorists or extremists like in Iraq.

“The all humanity will stand against tyrant! The subjugated will fight back against tormenter and peace loving populace will take oppressed to victory – And yes we can!”