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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Paying price for truth

TTP inclusion in the society of Pakistan Journalism has become herculean task. Independent reporting is leading journalists to face the lethal consequences.

The recent attacks on media and open threats by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have made journalists insecure and vulnerable. Recently, Express TV staff targeted by TTP [TTP claimed responsibility] in which three DSNG staff got killed, the second attack was on Aaj TV office and third attack was on ARY TV which luckily foiled by Bomb disposal squad.

This state of affairs has made journalists of Karachi, Pakistan startled about their safety but paradoxically government including Law enforcement agencies doe’s zilch apart from releasing condemnation statements.

Mr. Naveed Kamal; Karachi based journalist shared his nightmare experience when he shot twice by unknown terrorists.

“I was on my motorbike when two people came and shot me twice; one bullet hit my face and another hit my neck”. Mr. Kamaal Mentioned.

He further said, “I went to hospital by myself and unfortunately my office didn’t support me. I was on bed for six months and was by myself”.

Another Karachi based reporter, Mr. Ahsan Kohati was shot and had four bullets during reporting.

“I was shot by unknown people while reporting and had four bullets. When I was lying on road no one even attempted to rush me to hospital though I was accompanied by fellow reporters, one police officer took me to hospital and I was on bed for eight months” Mr. Kohati stated.

He detailed, “If you are journalist and hit by unknown bullet, do not expect anything good from others, you should keep in mind that you are alone and will have to bear all consequences. Your family will be there to tolerate every pressure”.

Mr. Samar Abbas is facing the identical tight-spot due to TTP threats but still fortuitously animate due to his own precautionary measurements.

“I am living in rented house and has changed more than ten houses in two years” He added, “I have two kids; my son is six year old and daughter is one year old,  I am incapable to send my son to school and I am teaching him at home because of security hazards”.

“No one is standing by to facilitate me; I am suffering because I attempted to speak truth but why my family is paying the equal cost” he said.

Mr. Abbas detailed, “I raised the voice of suppressed and victims but at the moment no one is geared up to hoist my voice; I do not have fright of death but I am concerned regarding my family. Who will be available to look after them?” He put the question and quickly replied, “No one”.

Senior journalist, Mr. Mubashir Farooq is in front of the diverse circumstances but in same stipulation.

“I was attacked twice by Karachi based political party and because of that political party I am jobless since four years which put me in rough economic conditions” Mr. Farooq added.

He further said, “Journalists are easy to target in Karachi. They do not have any security, training and resources to save themselves and their families. In that way, independent reporting will be easier said than done and eventually good governance will become a daydream of this society”.

Journalists ought to effort as a watchdog on government and alarm if any facet causes any damage to society or democratic system. If this dignified occupation will be beleaguered this way then democracy could be derailed. It’s time to be alarmed!