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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Judiciary is too afraid to rule against culprits – Sharjeel Memon


The Promise

The interior of Sindh Province has been a powerful political front for the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). In order to bag maximum votes from the region, PPP tried to do its best. During its 2013 Elections campaign, Manzoor Wassan, the former home minister of Sindh and a  candidate for the National Assembly, vowed in a public gathering at Kot Deji (located in the interior of Sindh Province) “to cleanse Karachi of weapons, if voted to power.”


Karachi, Pakistan’s densely populated and most important metropolis, has been the victim of terrorism and targeted killing for decades. Illegal weapons have been the main cause of killings, but licensed weapons have also become lethal for many living in Karachi.
In 2008, more than 104 people were killed, and between 2009 and 2010, almost 3,500 people died in targeted killing and other criminal acts. In 2011- 2012 more than 4,200 people became victims of indiscriminate killings.
The former provincial government of Sindh and the federal government have been negligent in issuing arms licenses. In October 2011, when the Supreme Court of Pakistan observed that Karachi was full of weapons and ammunition, the SC was informed that the Sindh Home Department had issued 180,956 licenses for non-prohibited and 46,114 for prohibited munitions in five years. The interior ministry in Islamabad had issued 1,202,470 licenses of non-prohibited munitions.
Despite the fact that, in November 2012, the Senate adopted  a bill to de-weaponise Karachi, it was unfortunately never implemented by law and order agencies.

The Plan

Truth Tracker made several attempts to contact Manzoor Wassan, but he was never available.


While talking to Truth Tracker, DIG Police Captain Tahir Naveed said, “De-weaponising Karachi is not possible until strict laws are introduced, but in the current scenario it does not seem possible.”
Naveed further said, “Politicians and government should be more careful towards issuing licenses to people. Issuing licenses for weapons should be based on a strict policy rather than a lenient criterion for kith and kin. Besides that, severe legal action should be taken by legislators against those who keep any illegal weapons and enactment of such laws shouldn’t only be for Karachi, but for the rest of the country as well.”
Naveed emphasized, “De-politicizing the police is more important right now if government wants to de-weaponise Karachi or to eliminate crime. Police officers should play their role in their respective areas to get rid of illegal weapons.”


PPP has not yet steered a single meeting in order to implement the Senate Bill to de-weaponise Karachi. As per the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) report, of January to June 2013, more than 1,726 people were reported to be the victims of targeted killings and other violence in Karachi.
It is evident that massive killings in Karachi in the last five years have neither moved politicians to initiate any campaign against weapons in Karachi, nor to pass any legislation to punish such elements that carry, provide or keep illegal weapons.

Independent viewpoint

On condition of anonymity, an illegal arms dealer told Truth Tracker, “It is impossible to stop weaponization in Karachi. The important thing is not to de-weaponize Karachi, but to stop smuggled illegal weapons from getting into the city. I firmly believe that as long as the religious, political, criminal and personal rivalry is there, my business will flourish. Law enforcement agencies and politicians are involved in illegal weapons’ smuggling scams because in this city their political careers and the money extortion business totally depends on weapons.”
The source further added, “Who said people are getting killed from illegal weapons only? In Karachi, people are killing each other with licensed arms as well, and law enforcement agencies cannot identify whether people are getting killed by licensed weapons or illegal weapons.”
Akhtar Baloch, director of the board for HRC, is of the view that eliminating illegal weapons from Karachi is almost impossible without the strong will and determination of the government and the law enforcement agencies.
Baloch further said, “Government would have to sideline the political and religious compulsions and should start grand operation against illegal weapons not in one specific area, but in the whole city, otherwise we would have to face more killings of innocents which will further deteriorate the situation in Karachi.”
Truth Tracker rates this promise as broken.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

March finished on April fool

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

 During week I have been listening different point of views  from different people in Pakistani media and social media about Tahir ul Qadir  and his so called revolution for example:   “ He is wrong man but giving right message”; “Do not see how is he but what he says” ; “At-least he is putting efforts to mobilize people” etc. 

When I looked at Tahir ul Qadri’s background as religious man it wasn’t made me astonished because making dupe in the name of religion is livelihood of almost every mullah. According to Tahir ul Qadri, He saw Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) being angry with the Ullemas’ of Pakistan and honoring him to be hosting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), moreover Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has ordered him to organize his ticket back to Medina. I am sure that everyone would have watched this footage. 

Tahir ul Qadri’s statement about blasphemy law in the country and out-side the country are at loggers head with each-other. Outside Pakistan, Tahir ul Qadri denying being part of creating the blasphemy law and also mentioned that no non-Muslim can be punished under blasphemy law but only Muslims can be punished.  In the same context, in foreign media he mentioned that he never been part of creating blasphemy law but in the country he stated that he played the vital role in creation the law. Well this is no breaking news anymore as our media and social media has been very vocal about whatever he did in the past and in near future. 

One day out of the blue Mr. Qadri has announced about his revisit back to Pakistan. On 23rd December when he addressed his first public congregation at Minar-e-Pakistan, no one comprehended the upcoming saga which Mr. Qadri was scheduling. And then, the day arrived when Mr. Qadri proclaimed the long March from Lahore to Islamabad to inflict the election reforms in Pakistan and to eradicate the regime of corrupt government.   

It would be tough for me to write Tahir ul Qadri’s allegations and demands here because his demands and allegations changes every time he comes up to microphone to address people.  But I will certainly mention thick points which compelled his followers to be the part of long march. It’s complicated to name the march because at one time he called that march a long march, then stance changed it become democracy march and finally he titled it million march. At one time, it was so hilarious to eavesdrop to Mr. Qadri when he declared that he is leading the march which has more then 4 million participants. 

Any way, coming back to his list of demands, I must say, his final demands were:
  • a.       Enforcing Article 62, Article 63, and Article 218 clause (3) in coming general elections of 2013.
  • b.      Dismissal of Election Commission of Pakistan and restructure it.
  • c.       Caretaker government should be formed in transparent way.
  • d.      Dismissal of National and provincial assemblies.

As a student of law, all of his demands were fooled package by fool. Besides that, let’s look over his demands in legal perspective one by one:
As Mr. Qadri demands Article 62, qualifications for membership of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament), Article 63, disqualifications for membership of majlis-e-shoora (Parliament) and Article 218 clause 3 which ensures conduction of election honestly, justly, fairly and accordance with law, and that corrupt practices are guarded against. 

When he and rest of the country aware of the fact that it is already part of part of our constitution and our Election Commission is undisputable on which every political party have faith. Then what is wrong to give one chance to this election commission to carry out next general elections? Moreover, Judiciary and media in Pakistan are vivacious as well as independent to keep an eye on elections. So there is nothing left to amend in constitution of Pakistan as there are Articles to protect the sanctity and fairness of elections. 

Now I would emphasize on next demand in which suspension of Election Commission of Pakistan Is put forward by Mr. Qadri. In this demand, I would like to turn over the pages of constitution of Pakistan and mention few more articles which make Mr. Qadri’s demands which totally violate the sanctity of Constitution of Pakistan.  Article 215 clause 2 says: “The commissioner shall not be removed from office except in the manner prescribed in Article 209 for the removal from office of a judge and, in the application of the article for the purposes of this clause, any reference in that article to a judge shall be construed as a reference to the commissioner” and clause 3 mentions: “The commissioner may, by writing under his hand addressed to the president, resign his office”. 

Its important to know that Article 209 (Supreme judicial council) clause 5 says: “if, on information received from the council or from any other source, the president is of the opinion that a judge of the supreme court or of a high court” clause 5(a) says: “may be incapable of properly performing the duties of his office by reason of physical or mental incapacity: or clause 5 (B): may have been guilty of misconduct. Articles 209 clause 69 (a) (b) is also referring the conditions and mechanism of suspension of ECP. 

There is no way that constitution of Pakistan will allow government or the cheap drama of Mr. Qadri to sack election commission. Even in some way government goes for that option then it will require two third majority from parliament to endorse it which will nearly be mission impossible.Mr. Qadri your second demand has crushed by no one but constitution of Pakistan. I am waiting what next drama would be carried out by you and government to alter it? 

The third point was about creating care taker government with consensus and in the fair manner who can arrange up coming general elections transparent and just.  Not only me but the whole country is aware that this march is about Tahir ul Qadri’s role in the next care taker government and in the elections.
The fourth and last point was dissolution of National and all provincial assemblies immediately. What is the point to dissolve the assemblies when its tenure is almost finished? Anyway, government has agreed to suspend assemblies sometime before 16th march 2013, the point here is that Assemblies will complete its tenure in the first week of March 2013. 

In all episodes of the great drama by Tahir ul Qadri, there are few questions which have to be answered either by Tahir ul Qadri or by the Government of Pakistan. Who was supporting and aiding Tahir Ul Qadri? What was his motive? Why government influenced by long march? What choudhry brothers talked with Qadri before long march in Lahore?  The role and responsibility of Media is being questioned due to give Qadri enormous coverage. 

During talking to many people with in government and establishment I come to know about unconfirmed story that Tahir ul Qadri was supported by people with in military establishment who had intentions to topple government to hijack up coming elections. Probably, their motive was to bring Pervaiz Musharaf and Qadri in coming parliamentary setup or by making technocrat setup for indefinite time. Suddenly, establishment took off their support from Qadri and left him in lurch. Finally, Qadri compelled to came on his knees before government and sign useless agreement. 

In this agreement, the main beneficiary of this agreement is PPPP because Qadri and Imran Khan will be tackling PML (N) in general elections and PPPP will take full advantage of this dispute. This long march ended up with adding one more ally for the government. 

As a student of law, I can assure that there is no legal value to this agreement. This agreement is fake and against the constitution of Pakistan. This government will end its tenure in few months and this agreement as well expired with this government. 

I have one suggestion for the person like Tahir Ul Qadri. You need to answer clearly about the BISHARAT, You have to answer about the F.I.R 17/1979 in the City Police Station Jhang on 06/07/1979, Kindly, inform the International media about who make blasphemy law and who can be punished in that law? The people of Pakistan are aware of you and your circus which you used to held before. The Pakistan you left has changed and the Pakistan you are dealing with has more information then thugs like you. You better save your Canadian passport and safeguard the oath which bounds you to be loyal Canadian. 

Tahir ul Qadri should leave container, he should leave Canadian citizenship and should apologize about his pathetic bunch of lies in the past. I assure him that every single Pakistani will follow you him and respect his every word. 

Mr. Qadri all you got from this march is the reconciliation with bunch of Yazids. So congratulations!

Pakistanis shouldn't welcome people arriving to Pakistan via parachute but should kick them out immediately before it's too late and Mr. Qadri along with his container should be exported without any delay. Government should deal with this kind of people with strong fist and most important, Media should be more responsible and should refrain giving air-time to every tom, dick and harry. Pakistan have had enough to deal with, it is time to say enough is enough! 


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Father v/s feudal

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

In the hours of darkness of 24th of December 2012 world was changed for Mr. Aurangzeb khan (the father of late Shahzeb Khan) when Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur purportedly sprayed the bullets on 20 year old young man Shahzeb Khan on the middle of road of posh area of DHA, Karachi. That happened after, when Late Shahzeb exchanged blows with their servant because their servant strived to harass his sister. 

The culprits are sons of multi billionaire feudal lords and have so much weight in not only political power corridors but also in bureaucracy and that refrains the law enforcement agencies from detaining those perpetrators. I have come to know from steadfast source that, individuals’ with-in political sphere are not only pressurizing police but also forcing to Mr. Aurangzeb to surrender before their lethal power. 

Mr. Sikander Jatoi is the father of Shahrukh Jatoi. He is well known feudal lord cum business man. He is also running Sindhi news channel called, Awaz Tv. Besides that, Zeal Pak cement factory is also count up in their realm. On interview given to Shahzeb Khanzada, Mr. Jatoi frequently declared that, earlier his son obtained education at Atchison and now since four years he is receiving education from Australia. I don’t know how come this proclamation proves that he cannot kill in cold blood anyone mercilessly?

Mr. Jatoi also mentioned that his son (Shahrukh Jatoi) has moved out back to Australia on the same night when Shahzeb got killed. So as a Journalist, I tried to ferret out about the whereabouts of Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur. I tried to contact my source in the FIA and came to know that no one in the name of Shahrukh Jatoi or Siraj Talpur departed Karachi Airport since the night of incident but there is doable probability of their departure out of the Pakistan via Balochistan to Afghanistan. It should be noted that; FIA record confirms it not about Karachi airport but also all airports around the country. If my readers are not contented with my source then kindly exercise your source in the FIA to double check it. So here, Mr. Jatoi is proved wrong in this statement too, that Shahrukh Jatoi has gone back to Australia. 

In the TV programme of Shahzeb Khanzada, Mr. Jatoi has also mentioned that sometime they are hiding in Quetta or at other places. I didn’t comprehend why Mr. Jatoi ought to put himself out of sight in Quetta or elsewhere? May be he was talking about his son. 

Mr. Jatoi, you might be a multi billionaire but that doesn’t make you and your family greater than the law. As now, we all are having trust on Supreme Court, if your son is innocent then what’s the harm in presenting your son before the court of law? If you think, your money will salt-away your son from paying the price of cold blooded murder of innocent Shahzeb Khan; then you are terribly mistaken. Justice will be done and the gallows will be waiting for Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur.

I would also appeal to Mr. Aurangzeb that, please don’t give up under any circumstances like the relatives of victims killed by Raymond Davis. If you will surrender then it will be ritual to kill anyone and getaway the punishment by paying price of it. No matter, how much price they will pay to you; It wont bring back your son to you. Shahzeb Khan was priceless and has now turned into much-loved to every single individual of Pakistan. 

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

TTP – please be good guys, Rehman Malik.

(By-Kashif Sarmad)

Surprisingly, the dreadful statement of Pakistan’s Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has come up in which he has said that the government is ready to hold talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Chief Hakimullah Mehsud if he renounce violence. 

I am unable to grasp under what law our interior minister has obligated to solicit vicious terrorist organization like Taliban for negotiations? There could be couple of causes for this offer; firstly, government has failed and has too weakened to cope up with TTP and the reason is TTP is actively doing terrorism around the country without any little trouble. Secondly, Taliban has turned into too muscular in Pakistan which made our government compelled to negotiate with TTP to make them eternal fraction of the social order of Pakistan. Due to terrorism in Pakistan more then 40 thousands Pakistani citizens including our soldiers have been killed and billions of dollars have been spent on the war on terrorism. How Rehman Malik can forget it? 

Today is 1st January, 2013 and Mr. Rehman Malik has got TTP’s reply loud and clear via bomb explosion at Ayesha Manzil, Karachi in which three people got exterminated and fifty people have been wounded. The outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban have claimed this act and said they would target MQM leaders and supporters after Altaf Hussain urged the government and people to unite and wage a war against the militants following the attack on child activist Malala Yousufzai.

Mr. Malik, you should approach on the streets instead of rolling around with your more then two dozens of protocol vehicles and meet with the victims of terrorist attacks and strive to find out what there opinion about your proposal and proffer regarding conciliation with Taliban? 

It’s an uncomplicated query which can be answered by even uninformed individual. If I will do couple of murders and then admit my criminal and heinous act before the world, what do you think how would I be treated in the court of law?  I am sure your answer to this will be the same as I my accepted wisdom. I must be hanged till death. Out of sudden, if government offers me that, I will be released if I promise to be good citizen. Would you laugh at that or will cry? 

 I would propose to my country mates to go against these kinds of statements by our authoritarians. It is not Mr. Rehman Malik who bears the loss but it’s us (Pakistani People) who have been effected by terrorist groups like Taliban and others. We might not have valiant news channels to cover our thoughts but we do have even more stronger medium in the shape of social media to express our inner feelings about these kinds of idiotic comments.